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1500x2203 Px-page-001 (2)…a story of Nephani ” Neefy the Calico Kid” LaCrae a tennis shoe mobster of the Hustlinaire gang who makes his claim to fame by pulling off the “Job” in a clash with the notorious Ru Boy Bloods that catapulted his reputation to become the heir to the monarchy.  Later, Nephani’s indictment on charges of Racketeering left him to reflect on his life torn between loyalty and betrayal and the oath of Death before Dishonor.  Will he stay true to the code, or will he turn against his friends?

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  1. Great Book

  2. congratulations

  3. Great book!

    easy read. Once I started I could not put it down. For sure it kept me wondering what was coming next. Had a few LOL moments. Can’t wait till the next book is out.



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